Speed and Accuracy have never been this economical

SARAMAX makes it easy and affordable to upgrade to AGRAMKOW charging technology.

Economical, safe charging technology combined with integrated Safety Monitoring System

The new SARAMAX-F is an all-in-one charging station for flammable and non-flammable refrigerants equipped with an integrated Safety Monitoring System, the Safe IR 2. When used with a charging gun equipped with the Automatic Disconnection (ADC) and the SafeBlock technologies, it makes SARAMAX a safe, affordable, and environmentally friendly option.

SARAMAX is designed with advanced technologies to minimize production bottlenecks while improving productivity. Its modular charge cylinder and evacuation manifold design eliminate the risk of leaks, and the disposable filter eliminates the need filter housing maintenance.

Configuration options

As with all AGRAMKOW charging solutions, SARAMAX is designed to work seamlessly with your existing production environment. With flexible options and features like right or left-hand hose outlets, PLIS compatibility, Automatic Disconnection (ADC), and a built-in barcode scanner (with customer-defined barcodes), SARAMAX lets you build the charging station that’s best for your operations. Even an integrated Safety Monitoring System can be supplied with the SARAMAX-F version.


  • Self-evacuation for easy start-up
  • Built-in interface and user program for barcode scanner and printer
  • Sensor diagnostics (pressure, vacuum, temperature, piston position)
  • Enhanced manual channel selection mode
  • Programmable alarm alert for empty bottle; the process can be continued after bottle change
  • Time or pressure based evacuation
  • Gas to liquid converter
  • Outlet of hoses can be on the right or left side
  • Disposable filter – no cleaning of the filter housing
  • Installation flexibility