PLIS Limit Generator Tool™

Maximize product quality – minimize time spent on limit set-up

Setting up the correct limits for your performance test system is essential in obtaining the best possible quality products.

Research has shown up to 15% of the products appliance manufacturers make today have quality problems that could have been avoided with precision end-of-line test equipment.

Utilizing CPT-XD(2)/CPT-XM along with the Limit Generator Tool software empowers manufacturers to reduce errors, retain customer loyalty, and increase business profitability.

Automatic limit set-up – including ambient temperature compensation

The Limit Generator Tool makes it easier to set up the ideal limits for your CPT-XD(2) or CPT-XM system. Based on a few inputs from the user, the Limit Generator Tool can generate a complete set of limits for all sensors. It can also calculate a compensation table based on ambient temperature.

The Limit Generator Tool concept is very simple and straightforward:

1. Define the test to be performed
2. Test a minimum of ten products which are known as “good” and store the results in the database
3. Specify the accuracy of the limits to be generated

Based on these inputs the Limit Generator Tool automatically creates set points and compensation tables making the model ready for production. During production it can also be used for regularly optimizing the limits.

Plug-in for your PLIS system

The Limit Generator Tool can be added to your existing PLIS system or the newest PLIS version which offers improved user-friendliness and efficiency thanks to a new graphic user interface and advanced search capabilities.

Limit set-up: Excellent user interface and functionality makes it easy to set up limits

The result chart presents selected results and set points for the limits. The accurate set up of limits will improve your product quality significantly

Compensation: The compensation slider (left) allows the user to simulate the effect of the compensation table