Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is different about AGRAMKOW’s products compared to competitors?

    AGRAMKOW offers charging stations with mass-flow technology and dynamic flow compensation which promotes high accuracy charges no matter what the ambient conditions may be. With a variety of products in our portfolio from “high-speed and high-accuracy” to “basic solutions” we have the equipment and experience to provide you with a solution that best fits your application.

  • What does AGRAMKOW have to offer in terms of product integration?

    PLIS (Production Line Information System) allows you to monitor your production line from beginning to the end. This includes tracking critical components, charging, electrical safety and run testing. All of AGRAMKOW’s products (excluding some legacy products) communicate with this system and enable manufacturers to monitor and improve every process in the production line while at the same time providing new insight into how you can make your line more productive and cost effective.

  • How well positioned is AGRAMKOW to meet newly established regulatory requirements?

    With new government regulations in place on refrigerant phase-outs and charge amounts per circuit, AGRAMKOW has the equipment to assist you with your hydrocarbon conversions. We have the solution you need to safely convert your line to meet the new regulations and keep your operations safe with the SAFE-EN system.

  • Why is refrigerant charging and leak detection so important to my process?

    Refrigerants can be expensive and some even dangerous not to mention vital to the quality of your product. It is critical that the circuit is charged with the proper amount of refrigerant and does not leak. AGRAMKOW has a variety of products to ensure that the system is charged accurately and is not leaking. Properly charged systems with no leaks equate to efficient cooling systems and fewer product returns.

  • Is AGRAMKOW capable of providing a turn-key solution?

    Yes! From vacuum pumps, pressure/leak testing, charging stations, electrical safety testing, and data acquisition, we have you covered! We can also deliver flammable refrigerant systems and safety monitoring with the assistance of professional engineering consultants for functional specifications with customer approval.